7 Pressure Washing Tips For Beginners (Bonus) 2.5 GPM

Down-streaming Advice

What's up, Community? This is the OG Sensei, AKA RPM LLC Pressure Washing.
Salute To You Guys For Checking Out My Easy Beginners (Wuhsah) Knowledge
Short For Pressuring Guide For Beginners, so let's get right to it.

I want to go over the top 7 things you need to know when starting a
pressure washing business or any business from the ground up.
Remember, when starting a business, it is mandatory to begin with these.



1. Study your new business before venturing off into it. Just do some easy
research on that which you’re interested in.

2. Apply the knowledge of what you learned by:

(1) Start the business from scratch.

(2) Choosing a name that matches what you're going to be selling and
providing. You can check for name validation through the GOOGLE search
engine to make sure the name isn't already being used.
*NOTE: It is always wise to create a name that is easy for people to find.

3. Make sure you are licensed LLC & EIN Number to separate your business
from your Personal life & bank Acct for any down-the-road incidents or lawsuits.

4. Choose your equipment based on your budget. When I started out with my
first machine, it was an electric power washer (lol). I did it in the early
2000's, maybe 2003 or 2004, way back in the day. It was for only flat work
before I knew about the real pressure washing game.

5. Start Your Campaigning and try to get customers before you have your
equipment. It is perfectly okay to rent a machine before you need to buy
one, just to test the waters, you know, and get a comfortable groove.

6. Presentation/Business Post Cards or EDDM, getting a uniform, something
that represents you and Your Brand that is gonna stand out or POP at first

7. Make sure to have all your business credentials and accounts in order.

(Bonus) 2.5 GPM Down-streaming and Soft Washing. It Can Be Done. Watch these
videos, you will thank me later, trust me.

Another Bonus Video that's 3 in (1)

8. When most people say it can't be done, watch this link and see how I did a
hotel parking lot with just my 2.5 GPM Simpson Pressure Washer.